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Thank you! finally I understood

please tell me where to find the secret passage to reach "Dirty worshipper"??

Ah yeah. I should make that more clear. In the mall area go to Phi mart and try to enter one of the freezers on the back wall. If you study the map hard enough, it too will reveal that there's a door in there.

is this game still getting updates?

It was gonna get more updates, but it's not clear if the game gets any more updates.

this a pretty fun game for when you are in the mood for a very lewd time

so how do you use the secret entrance? is it just something thatll be added later in the game or am i missing something

At the hidden entrance there's a wall that looks little different. Just push against the wall and walk through it. The Shrine area will be added in a future update.


I really like the Omega-Mart references :)


Nice, good to know people get some of the references.


I also got the Ok-Ko and a few others

(When I found the secret area I was just like"Ohh!")


The new features in 0.3 and 0.2b help a lot with navigation.

The quest log is very useful and I feel like it will be even more important as the game grows. It gives a good anchoring point to help players decide what to. I looked through all the rooms but never did find how to start the "Dirty Worshipper" quest, so it might be worth listing the areas in which each quest can be started. Maybe display it as an "unknown area" if it's never been visited to prevent spoilers.

I like the idea of the guest list a lot. Having something specific for players to look for is a very welcome addition to an exploration themed game. I think they're added automatically for each area you visit, but it might be fun to have the players click on them instead. You could also use the guestbook to show the transformations and which characters fuse with others. It wasn't immediately apparent to me that "w" and "s" keys scroll through the guests in each area, so a small indication of the keys may help.

The map does take away some of the mystery of the game, but I think it's a good addition. Maybe offer it as a quest reward similar to the guest list to encourage players to think for themselves a bit more at the start. I like that it has a basic look and doesn't give too much away. The one thing it needs is some sort of indication for your current position and maybe a way to open it quickly with the "m" key.

I enjoyed the adventure elements that have been introduced over the past couple of updates. They make the game feel more interactive and encourage purposeful exploration. Thank you for the update, I had fun!


Great feedback from you as usual.

The game is starting to shape into something nice already. The location of "Dirty worshipper" quest is in a hidden area, but from some feedback I've realized that there's really no clues how to access the secret area. That's why getting feedback is important. I'll address this in the next update. You can barely see a hidden door looking at the map in one of the areas.

The guest list is good, but I agree on some of your proposed ideas. Keeping track of every single NPC-type the player has interacted with might be too much for me, I have to think about it. It would require a whole lot more of data to be saved.

The map was made to help out people who might have hard time to know where entrances to areas would be. I agree a player marker would be very good addition, I'm just not quite sure how to make that.

I'm still enjoying making more updates to this game. If this year's Strawberry Jam happens, I'll make a new game for that and continue working on Club 129 after that.

I appreciated your feedback.


I think having quests in secret areas is totally fine, they just needs a hint like "look for a hidden door in the jungle bar" to narrow down the search. You could even have an NPC in the same area comment on seeing a hidden door near the flying saucer or something of the sort.

I don't know much about GameMaker but I don't think you need to keep track of every NPC. A simple way might be just to check the sprite file they're using and then use that file name to find the corresponding entry in the guest book. That way you wouldn't need to change a single thing about any of the characters on the map or give assign them any additional data. The game would automatically know which characters match and which don't. It would also detect transformed characters since they're now using a different sprite.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what you make for Strawberry Jam. Howling Good was one of my absolute favorite submissions in last year's event.

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The game has some fusion sequences, but there's no proper sex scenes. Although, that is something I was considering at one point to add to the game.


Cute interesting characters but I wish there was a bit more of a warning that this is a fusion fetish game since its not everyone's style.

Okay thanks. I can make that more clear in the future.


The 0.2 update's great, I like the new characters and quest system. The way that the areas are starting to expand out and interconnect is really cool. I love the idea of having characters follow the player, I think it's got a lot of potential. I'd like to see the follow system used for a few more freeform interactions, with maybe several different places you can bring your companion to.

With all the different unique NPCs this game has and each one with their own dialogue, it might be fun to add a room for the player to invite a few of the ones they like to.

Thank you for making such a content filled update so quickly, nice work!


Thanks for checking out the update. I've just had a lot of motivation to work on the game. I'll keep adding more content and making improvements to the game.


I love graphics like this so much. I'ld like to see more interactions with environment and NPCs

Thank you. I'm planning to add more interactive elements to the game such as small quests.


Fun little thing. Definitely needs some work to be properly enjoyable, but it does look really interesting so far, and gladly sunk a few minutes into it!


Thank you for playing. True, the game needs work, which I plan to work on.


I really like the mix of 3D and pixel art that you have gong here, they match each other really well and that's not an easy thing to do with this style. The little character animations unique text and sound effects do a lot for making each of them come to life. The music matches the scenes and gives each area its own special feeling, I'm guessing you wrote it yourself for this game, awesome job! The level design is nice, but a little too spacious in my opinion, I suggest condensing or decorating some of the empty areas. It may also be better to remove the run button and set the run speed as the default movement speed, it's usually preferable to get rid of buttons that have to be held at all times.

I think it might be interesting to interconnect the areas with some secret passages, so that there are ways of getting around without returning to the lobby. The whole premise just really makes me think of Yume Nikki and I'd like to see it go even more in that direction. Overall, a very interesting world and definitely something I'd like to spend some hours exploring once its fully expanded.

Great work!


Thanks for the feedback. You raise up some interesting ideas. The game right now doesn't have much to do other than exploring, but I have plans to expand the game and of course fix any issues.


I like the exploration focus. I think some additional interaction with the characters could be interesting, but be careful not to move it too much in a puzzle adventure direction it might lose some of its charm.